Friday, 20 July 2012

Friendship Day

Today in South America its friendship day----Dia del Amigo!!
Just like mother's, father's, dog's etc. days are, it is really purely commercial. However, in South America we love any excuse to show affection to each other, celebrate and spend time with our Friendship a big day! I'm in Mexico visiting my parents, kind of far away from my friends...but here is a small celebratory post!

On another note, still on the friendship matter, this week I met up with 2 people I hadn't seen for 10 years. That is, I was 10 years old when I last saw them, pretty amazing and weird huh?! It was exciting, strange, fun and a tad awkward admittedly, but after the ice was broken, it felt so natural, as if we had grown up together. We reminisced over micheladas, got lost in the city, played tennis, cooked.It got me thinking... people grow up, people change, however they tend to remain true to their essence. Even after 10 years, you can still recognize that little boy/girl and why you called them your friend...and although sometimes you don't share that much in common anymore ( happened with another friend I re-encountered last year), sometimes you do- and those are friendships that will last forever ( a bit corny I know...but true).

Have a good weekend!

xxx, Tatiana

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