Friday, 13 July 2012

Living in Sydney

I had the amazing luck to spend 6 months in living in one of the most amazing cities in the world ( I am biased..I've always loved Sydney). I think its partly the magic of being by the sea, the fact that everyone is so chilled back and sporty...There is some kind of special energy in the air. Haha, enough daydreaming, let me give you a bit of background: 

I went to Sydney for my 1st, 6 month industrial placement; I worked at HSBC ( I never ever imagined I would work in a bank...but life sometimes works in strange ways) and I also did waitressing in events at the Four Seasons. I don't know how I did it, but I still had time (and energy!) to enjoy everything Sydney has to offer! Unfortunately I went from July-December, so only got a few months of summer (hence not so many summer pics), but that didn't stop me from falling head over heels (even more than before) for the city!

Its hard to summarize 6 months in one post, but I'll give it my best...if only I had a 'blogger's mindset' when living there I would've taken more pictures but, oh well...

The city

Street shot of Glebe, a trendy/hippy neighbourhood- If you are around, Clipper Cafe for brunch is amazing! 

View from my grandparent's place...waking up to this view is probably one of the best feelings in the world. 
The Rocks Aroma Festival, Coffee+Chocolate+Teas+Spices... quite entertaining, with random dances and shows around the streets, however if you don't like crowds stay away! The Rocks area is a MUST when in Sydney, you should go to the weekend market! and just have a stroll, have a gelatto or a hot chocolate at Max Benner (best ever)...or visit Sydney's oldest pub The Hero of Waterloo. 

The beaches

Bondi! My favourite! You should hang out in North Bondi, thats where the 'locals' go!  If you are feeling sporty, the Bondi-Coogee  walk is really woth it, it's around 6 km ( 3.7 miles) and you walk past a few of Sydney's  most beautiful beaches. I regret not getting a tattoo done here :/ (I'm a wuss though, I doubt I'll ever do one)
Taking the fairy to manly and spending the day there is another MUST! Manly beach has a real 'family- vibe' to it and the area is super chill and nice to walk around...having fish and chips at manly's is 'the thing' haha

The outskirts

Palm Beach, located in Northern Sydney is needless to say- gorgeous! its a bit of a car/bus drive up from the CBD, but the picture says it all: totally worth it!

Parrots & Cockatoos @ the Blue Mountains! ( In real life they aren't as blue as they look in this picture that I took)

Hunter Valley is the wine area closest to Sydney and a great place for a couples getaway ( I just went with wine-loving friends and one responsible driver though haha)

The nightlife

Darling of the several 'tourists musts'. The second picture is the boat where we had HSBC's mid-year party! There are several clubs/bars along the water, my favourite club here is Cargo Bar, the crowd is really nice and international, Tip: try to get on the guestlist, to have access to the top floor!
Musts at Darling Harbour: Go to the IMAX, have lunch somewhere overlooking the CBD, if you're a sweet tooth, Pancakes at the Rocks is your place- but beware, the portions are huge!!

Sydney's nightlife offers something for everyone...In the famous, King's Cross, you will find a bit of everything, strip clubs, posh clubs, LGBT clubs, its quite, let's say...interesting. ( I got attacked by a homeless when leaving a club in this area, she thought I was 'stealing her taxi'...but that's a story for another time),  My favourite is Hugo's and their pizzas are to die for (bottom picture)!!                                  
The first picture was taken at Oxford Art Factory, its what my friend called an 'alternative' nightclub, but the music is reaally good and sometimes they do live performances. Other of my favourites are: The Argyle, Golden Sheaf and Ivy

Top 3 Bars to go to:
1. The Winery at Surry Hills, a chique and relaxed place, great for having a glass of wine in the terrace during summer and a few nibbles (dont have a proper meal, too expensive for what it is); but do go inside and take a look at the decoration!
2.Grandma's bar, located in the CBD, its super cute with grandma-like rocking chairs and quilts! Careful though, cause it's small and gets packed real quick!
3. La Bodeguita del Medio, is a cuban restaurant and bar- highly recommendable for drinks and to have a good time,  but maybe its just cause I felt at home with the Latin music and scribbled walls ( graffiti is big in South America) . However, from an unpartial point of view, their mojitos are gooooood!
The last picture is at a bar for pos-work drinks...with Meko another intern from HK, whom I had to include in this post, cause she really livened up my days at the bank- and become a great friend!

Staff party and last day at Four Seasons...We did an amazing performance of Voulez vous coucher avec moi...I'll post it some other day :)!!

That's a quick glimpse of my life in Sydney, 6 amazing months, which I wouldn't change for anything in the world! But then again, I wouldn't change any of my trips for anything in the world...


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